Are Sports Really Cardio Alternatives? Yes!

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Article title: Are Sports Really Cardio Alternatives? Yes!

Description: Going to the gym might not be your thing, but maybe playing sports is. Consider these fun, calorie-burning sports your next weight loss routine.

We’ve all been there. Maybe it’s after the holidays or a vacation; you notice your clothes are fitting a little tighter. You step on the scale, and, sure enough, you’ve gained weight. Perhaps, like many of us, you have more than those extra ten pounds to lose. You might have a lot more! There’s no need to feel ashamed. You can lose weight, and you can do some fun weight loss exercises in the process. We know—fun weight loss exercises? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Well, if you only think of treadmills and elliptical when you hear exercise, there’s a world of activities out there to get you moving and shedding those pounds!

We all know that walking and swimming are great ways to burn calories. We’ve also heard that interval and strength training will help you build muscle and stamina. But, for many people, this isn’t enough, or it’s become too routine or boring. That’s why we’ve listed several exercises that can help you shrink down and have fun at the same time.

• Dancing: Dancing can burn a significant number of calories per hour, plus it’s something you can do alone or as part of a group. Throw on some upbeat tunes and get moving! If you’re new to exercise, even starting with a small amount of time, like ten minute, will make a big difference.

• Rowing: Though it is less accessible than dancing, rowing is a fantastic arm and cardio workout. Though most gyms have rowing machines, try to plan ahead and get out on the water. The scenery will invigorate you, and you’ll be able to go that much further. Plus, having a visible destination always helps, doesn’t it? Check your area for a local rowing club!

• Racquetball: One of the best parts about racquetball is that you need a partner! You’ll be able to be social, and the accountability will keep you active for longer. Plus, all that side to side running is a killer workout! You not only burn calories, but you get to tone up your legs at the same time.

• Horse Back Riding: Again, you’ll have to do some advance planning for this, but it is surprisingly an effective exercise. You tone up that stomach, buns, and thighs, and you get a fun experience out of the whole thing. It’s no doubt a much richer environment than the local gym, so it’s wonderful for a change of pace.

• Kickboxing: If you’re looking for a weight loss exercise that’s higher octane, look no further than kickboxing. You’ll leave your hour long session exhausted, but you’ll feel confident and you’ll see results in no time. It’s high-energy, and you burn lots of calories. Plus, you’ll learn how to take care of yourself at the same time!

We hope that you’ll be inspired in your workouts again! Sometimes, it only takes a couple of sessions with a different activity to get you back on track. Maybe you’ll even find your new passion!

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